Circumcision sets size of the misunderstanding we can't process of the space with ratio
of two things like money and bank or mind and flesh that makes god determine the
effect of the word or hole size of the mind so he can control us with our flesh as we talk
to affect the thoughts, controlling our destiny in real time. I am afraid to have an
indecision and they (truth, intelligence) control with indecision due to the circumcision
causing a misunderstanding. Circumcision removes the covenant with man and makes
Jews undependent of us so we cannot control them. They are immune from time
periods and thus the hardship of work. With our dependence mode, they control us. We
are blind and we can't see the differentiation of the lie (memory difference) causing
fear. Baptism prevents the mind from going through the body due to the water used in
baptism. I don't approve of any covenant with God especially being circumcised.

The test is fear and causing fear means you failed the test so God has failed the test by
using fear. We compute everything and everyone with a sense of fear. They are going
to the memory of unoccupied space of people just occupied by them. You are seeing
this but don't question this. There is fear of love or having sex and love in Hebrew is
HVA or:


Be Wary

The Negroes may have the Hindu Gods and Goddesses transformed upside down in
their bodies because of the crucifixion of Christ or Krishna. So they are right here with
us here on earth-no need to look elsewhere beyond. It's as if they wear a mask.
Jews are the antibody of
time; they must believe in
the blood of Jesus
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Intelligence may be using the third root (3√) of the volume of your
mind to control you. The calculator below can calculate the sphere
volume and you can take the third root (3√) of your answer. You
have to guess the radius of the sphere but try a basketball size-
Radius=4.7"  approximately.
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They are controlling with the anti=black or clear-the clear of the knowledge or door
that you go in and out. Love is blind because it cannot see the lie or feelings which is
a difference of space of two physical things. Truth cannot be trusted because it is the
difference of time removed of two physical things which removes the feelings and
space between that disables us to differentiate the two positions for a sense of
relativity. They don't like to see their selves in me (act of facing) or myself in them
and that is a reason for mistrust when interacting. Krishna may be detected as the
adjustment of the body for compensation to feel physically better, like coughing to
clear the throat or pulling up your pants. The conscience may be the quiescence of
belief and that is how they place the phlegm in the throat or boogas in the nose or
cause runny nose--the identifier of Christ or Krishna as waste. Boogas is not in the
dictionary. They come and go as an infection which causes the flu.

The Aliens is the force of the lenses of our eyes and the focusing process that
control the lens is the slave control of life on Aliens. Evil does not like itself and that
is why we have arguments and misunderstandings. Evil does not like itself or spirit
because of the circumcision and they use the irony in a similar way to deceive me.
The circumcision causes a contradiction of belief causing an illogical complementary
of physical forms with thought. They fight to make the spirit fight itself in us.
My Dad & Mom. I will always cherish you: Anthony
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