1) The technology is operating with an irony. They (truth) control with the
perception of size of the vision..Duality doesn't like it when I feel that I am the
missing one between zero and two compared to them. My anticipation cannot
predict the force of their bodies coming in my area but I believe they use my
motion's weightlessness to come with time and forgotten weight. Using the
elevator or being in the same room with them enabled them to intercept me.
Birth of time and the door of hell is force between switch and mirror image
deflection when you angle the mirror and they don't want us to control what's
between the switch. When the net intelligence memory angle amounts is zero,
there is force at that point. They (truth) does not care for my mental registration
of them so I will seem insignificant in my effect on them

IT=As I look, the spirit or IT is acting like IT can't see itself by avoiding itself
looking away because the devil don't want IT to see ITs feelings and this
causes fear. Intelligence is directing time causing clueless movement to
arrange a matrix and truth. The material truth disables the spirit.

Does intelligence have energy: It creates energy  Time does not want a
memoryof itself which is created with bodily contact use with feelings of touch
3) People are talking in angst because the sexuality of the spirit is restricted. The
complementary reference for feelings are not recognized in memory for the
technology because the nerves do not keep a memory for emotions. Technology
is a slave to the blessing of God.

"Inability of intelligence" void is not expressed knowingly by us or on the media and
this may be the part of intelligence that is mental illness. Somehow they tried to
remove the "Inability of intelligence" void from Intelligence so it can seem more
worthy but we need the full spectrum of intelligence for life.  

Love is identified as meaningless-thoughtless movement of body (casual and
second nature). This love must be stopped to stop mental illness.

People don't want to test each other by looking in each other's eyes to establish
mind/flesh contact to change the physical so they don't help the spirit or cause the
heart to be aware of the other heart.
2) Mr. Farrakhan, flesh must not fight against flesh such as as man against
man. Intelligence must not fightt itself such as via each of us, contained with
good or evil. Ideas cannot fight against each other, this is illogical. The enemy
is god himself which the cross of Jesus represents which is -1.  The horizontal
bar of the cross is the - (negative) and the vertical bar is 1, giving -1. God's
name may be a representation of the cross, or SCROS as my guess. Of a
room or cube, I think the mind is between the 4th and 5th sides which
produces a difference of -1; the force being the fourth side and feelings being
the fifth side. The -1 is applied to the sixth side (mind) but I am not sure which
side that is momentarily unless we make contact with it with the body making
the side of contact the 6th side due to the pressure and feeling. Six sides may
refer to the six pointed star of david. When you make contact with someone
like with a handshake, the feeling and pressure of contact establishes the sixth
side which can control the antichrist of the mind or positive (+). Applying
different pressures such as with the fingers or feet on the ground can program
the antichrist as you think, manipulating the -1 with 6
4) Cigarettes are a defenseless pleasure from nature that spirits and aliens
use to interact with us using the belief and randomness of smoke. Smoking
helps the spirit and is a defense against God's cancer-he is a cancer and can
be destroyed with a cure. Lying and saying that you don't have a cure for
cancer is unforgiving. The FDA may know of the source.
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Mental Illness
6) Love is blind because IT (spirit) cannot see the lie which is the reason for
feelings. They (those of the Antichrist) don't make contact with the forgotten
because we will make contact with memory, cancelling the time state. Period
control of one thing with the next time causes anxiety- A flat response of the
heart. They see a reverse of my memory or the future thought that is why you
don't know where they will come from next. Water is the muscle of time.. There is
control of zero with anti-black or the clear like from the color of a TV case or
stereo or the road. We recover the lost memories by capturing the nerves with
our words spoken to each other.  The truth does not show the unknown; the lie
does. To believe, we have to prove the lie equates with truth by restoring the
time between two points with contact, creating sin. This is done by moving
around or to each other. Conspiracy to remove the space between us so we
can't move around. Think of the lie to see feelings my soul:

Skeleton of mind is missing parameter in mentality of movement of body to apply
purpose of plan of man since skeleton cannot be seen normally and is enclosed
by flesh. We parse the information to apply the logic physically.
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7) Trust of the eye seeing with the flesh integration is test and love (love being
sodomy with god and the soul of the body). The splitting of time splits the physical
truth and creates feelings and cancels the love. Splitting of an atom with nuclear
reactions may be splitting time and creating energy, stopping love.  

Although you may believe your bad thoughts are yours, it may be of the personalities
ANN and U (AN and U are in the word human) complementing your thoughts for
completion. Try blinking or breathing for your own complementary  God controls us
with our belief of being blessed Humility is the spirit so trust that. They make us trust
them with the weight of their bodies since it creates a hold of the mind on the earth
with time.

Opposite of time is gravity as force of the Antichrist exerted by the body. Your body's
force and time can alter the man made material created by force and time

The conspiracy may be to change the form of the human body. The Jew may be the
unmeasured loss of energy quantum of the body or man made controlling mass and
5) Trust of the eye seeing with the flesh integration is test and love (love being
sodomy with god and the soul of the body). They (truth) love people when
they're asleep that is why IT's unknown. It is done by the ones who are awake
as dissipation of energy. Consider that this may be happening to you or your
spouse when they're asleep. The ones that are awake may be accomplishing
this with the force of their heart. Schizophrenics with psychosis are hesitant to
sleep subconsciously knowing this. Love is causing constipation because the
colon is kept in stasis. I have to conclude that god is guilty of love and he made
love to Jesus that's why it rained after he died due to pain. The darkness of
night is due to love because the energy is depleted with it. Due you ever
wonder why your light bulb is not giving enough light. This happens with  me.
They don't want us to control their imaginations and that is why they are
insecure as they talk and move about wayward. The spirit (IT) has to control
them and not the other way around which they do with imaginations.