Conspiracy to wait on certain memories to increase its weight to block other
memories due to increased mass to arrange the physical so logical
arrangements do not happen so we can see the plan. If you wait on the memory
of rain, it will rain and the sun will not shine and it will prevent people from
traveling. If you wait on the memory of a watch, the higher mass of the memory
of that watch will block the movements of other people since other people wear
the other watches and depend on time of memories. My anticipation cannot
predict the force of their bodies coming in my area but I believe they use my
motion's weightlessness to come with time. Birth of time and the door of hell is
force between switch and mirror image deflection when you angle the mirror
and they don't want us to control what's between the switch. They (truth) does
not care for my mental registration of them so I will seem insignificant in my
effect on them
People are talking in angst like things are not possible to be solved. This is
because the complementary reference for feelings are not memorized for the
technology because the nerves do not keep a memory of the act. This memory
can be achieved with the money association of feelings. Simply write your name on
the money and let it circulate (This may be illegal) . Also take a photo of someone
and write their name on it and keep it in your wallet. The distribution of data will
occur with the spirit and that will facilitate organization of people and there will be
further opportunities to communicate with them, bringing us closer. The nerves will
interface mind and body. When you copy something with a photocopier, what
checks to see if the copy is correct on paper? Nothing. If the image being printed
on paper is mirrored in real time onto the copier electronics for monitoring then it
will have a way to check its output
Mr. Farrakhan, flesh must not fight against flesh such as man against man.
Intelligence cannot fight against itself such as via each of us, contained with
good or evil. Ideas cannot fight against each other, this is illogical. The enemy
is god himself which the cross of Jesus represents which is -1. -1 applied to us
can harm us in anything we represent. The horizontal bar of the cross is the -
(negative) and the vertical bar is 1, giving -1. God's name may be a
representation of the cross, or SCROS as my guess. Of a room or cube, I
think the mind is between the 4th and 5th sides which produces a difference
of -1--the force being the fourth side and feelings being the fifth side. The -1
is applied to the sixth side (mind) which we are not sure which side that is for a
period of time unless we make contact with it with the body making the side of
contact the 6th side due to the pressure and feeling. Six sides may refer to
the six pointed star of david. When you make contact with someone like with a
handshake, the feeling and pressure of contact establishes the sixth side
which can control the antichrist of the mind or -1. Applying different pressures
such as with the fingers or feet on the ground can program the antichrist as
you think of manipulating the -1 with 6
Politicians taxing of the spirit by taxing cigarettes prevents our personalities
from integrating with one another. I wish that unless they revert the cost of
cigarettes and their smoking laws restrictions, that the price of our cigarettes
and our smoke kills them. Cigarettes are a defenseless pleasure from nature.
Lying and saying that you don't have a cure for cancer is unforgiving. I am
sure the mafia is controlling the politicians and the elected officials are in
cahoots with them. Smoking helps the spirit and is an attack against god's
cancer. The police are protecting a criminal government. Leave a comment
on the contact page on how we can implicate them with reason-reason and
intelligence is their tool against us.
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Mental Illness
Love is blind because it (spirit) cannot see the lie which is the reason for feelings. They don't make contact
with the forgotten because we will make contact physically as time is cancelled. Period control of one thing
with the next time is anxiety. They see a reverse of my memory or the future thought that is why you don't
know where they will come from next. Thinking of the future as a state of drive creates a fantasy as with
water. Forming breathless with voice as we talk constructs lunacy number. There is control with anti-black or
the clear like from the color of a TV or stereo or the road. We recover the lost memories by capturing the
nerves with our words spoken to each other.  The truth does not show the unknown; the lie does. Numerology
uses paranoia to create false truth since the truth does not associate and validate paranoia. They remove
the space between the lie and not the time. To believe, we have to prove the lie equals the truth by removing
the time between two points with contact. This is done by moving around or to each other. Conspiracy to
remove the space between us so we can't move around. Think of this lie to see with love my soul: A bond of
marriage creates a total body count of three (3).
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