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Congress Woman Nita Lowey
17th district New York
Mr. Farrakhan, flesh must not fight against flesh such as man
against man. Intelligence cannot fight against itself such as via
each of us, contained with good or evil. Ideas cannot fight against
each other, this is illogical. The enemy is god himself which the
cross of Jesus represents which is -1. -1 applied to us can harm us
in anything we represent. The horizontal bar of the cross is the -
(negative) and the vertical bar is 1, giving -1. God's name may be a
representation of the cross, or SCROS as my guess. Of a room or
cube, I think the mind is between the 4th and 5th sides which
produces a difference of -1--the force being the fourth side and
feelings being the fifth side. The -1 is applied to the sixth side
(mind) which we are not sure which side that is for a period of time
unless we make contact with it with the body making the side of
contact the 6th side due to the pressure and feeling. Six sides may
refer to the six pointed star of david. When you make contact with
someone like with a handshake, the feeling and pressure of contact
establishes the sixth side which can control the antichrist of the
mind or -1. Applying different pressures such as with the fingers or
feet on the ground can program the antichrist as you think of
manipulating the -1 with 6.
Politicians taxing of the spirit by taxing cigarettes
one another. I wish that unless they revert the cost
of cigarettes and their smoking laws restrictions,
that the price of our cigarettes and our smoke kills
them. Cigarettes are a defenseless pleasure from
nature. Lying and saying that you don't have a
cure for cancer is unforgiving. I am sure the mafia
is controlling the politicians and the elected
officials are in cahoots with them. The police are
protecting a criminal government. Leave a
comment to the right on how we can implicate
them with reason-reason and intelligence is their
tool against us.
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