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correct word
Congress Woman Nita Lowey
17th district New York
They (truth) see her (IT) or my spirit by clearing their hair-the
silence of the clear to hear IT. Jews exist as clear and I have to
define them since they are not providing any definition. The ash
represents them (like from the cigarette) or the color grey which is
between black and white and this is why the first televisions were
B&W. God is worshipped by unknown and unaware count of action
without our will. So as you talk and turn, those two counts of action
worship God-with or without your approval. They don't want IT to
know first because they can set a physical block with the physical
so the thought cannot pass the physical-like putting a chair in your
way as you walk or driving ahead of you on the street or even
putting their bodies ahead of you. As they talk communicating, they
call personalities with the words they use that is associated with the
meanings of the words and this makes the spirit (IT) play the role of
the words used and this affects the mind. Thought is black in color
and this is controlled by thinking of this thought as white light or by
the light of your cell phone screen or computer or the light in the
bedroom. The death of feelings occurs by forgetting a feeling or
feelings. They (truth) are the complementary completion of the
lunacy just like people seeking to complete the idea of the thought
with the physical they seek. (Pouring water in a cup to see its
completion as a filled cup). The don't want to complete my thoughts
with the physical action they make. (Moving out of my way when I
approach them to pass).
Anxiety attacks are the most debilitating thing I
face with my illness of schizophrenia. I believe it
is caused by the Antichrist but the aliens allow
it to happen to me to learn about the unknown
as I use my paranoia under the condition to
learn and limit them. Their love is stopped with
an anxiety attack. Their secret love uses the
soul and god and sodomy and I still have to
see evidence of this belief. Did anyone ever
call you "Yo" and you quickly turned your head
and looked at them? This personality "Yo"
controls the mind and body for the Antichrist
and may be Lucifer. Yo sees the material as
transparent and when the matter materializes
in the mind it damages the mind and causes an
anxiety attack. It prevents me from initiating
starts such as walking or talking or thinking for
The Jews are the incomplete 1
(payment) because we never reach the
product acquisition (2) due to the loss of the
payment with money transferred to the clerk
although we believe we have obtained the
product with the money. The product we buy is
not whole because the payment (1) has lost its
completeness so that 1 count does not reach 2
count. CLUE: Many have a problem doing #2 in
the toilet. Manhattan area code 212. 1 is a
mathematical whole but that is a lie.
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