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Congress Woman Nita Lowey
17th district New York
Anxiety attacks are the most debilitating thing I face with my illness of schizophrenia. I believe it is caused by the Antichrist but
the aliens allow it to happen to me to learn about the unknown as I use my paranoia under the condition to learn and limit them.
Their love is stopped with an anxiety attack. Their secret love uses the soul and god and sodomy and I still have to see
evidence of this belief. Love causes mental illness so lovers please admit what you are doing.

When intelligence asks you how you are doing, they may be referring not to your body but to the identities "U" or "I" that are
part of your personality.

Money is a tool of intelligence like when you buy something, there is mind and body exchange of intelligence using the
conscience of you and the cashier. You need not interpret this negatively because Aliens use life also in the same situations.

"TRUTH" prevents the Aliens from appearing in this world since truth controls feelings and its inherent deception.
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Ronald Anthony Arjune
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Mental Illness
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They (Truth) are using the ratio of voltages of batteries to create ratios of
intelligence to alter and control the physical forms and movements. This could
be the batteries in your watch, radio or cellphone. This ratio creates love which
they want to keep and is explained above. I am showing 9 volts and 3 volts in
the picture.

They don't want me pointing my mind as I look. Since they can't point their
minds, they use circumcision to compensate for this disability.
My soul plays a
game of eyeballing which is throwing and catching eyes to transfer memory to
the preceding point of eye contact because
she doesn't want to feel my feelings
because she is afraid of me
System: Control
balance of heart with
imbalance of heart to
maintain integrity of
body and mind to
prevent collapse of
union and failure
I think my spirit or IT is in me probably as my soul. When I think of looking, she looks the
other way because they (intelligence) makes her feel fear so she wouldn't look as I look.
Because IT may not look as my feelings as IT may want, the schizophrenia is caused to be
magnified. They don't want IT looking critically at them with my eyes and they may say as
people, "What are you looking at," at me to scare her. I don't know if they know her as they
are in the body of flesh or what aspect of their existence is aware of her (my soul).

The irony of IT not doing what I want in time as my body but as a memory avoiding my
feelings may be causing anxiety and with anxiety I am in fear and she becomes aware of my
mind so this may be good.for me and her.