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My Psychotropics are:

Risperdal  1mg AM, 3mg PM
Seroquel   200mg AM. 400mg PM
Luvox        50mg AM, 50mg PM
Flag of Guyana
Denied the beauty
She is rightfully my own
Wrongful love of god
Not seeing the births
Confined numbers causing fear
She does not like me
To obtain physical ways
Misdirected fault
Mental Illness
I was touched by the music of Nazia Hassan in 1980. Did she
really die in 2000 of lung cancer or was it a lie? Was she a
smoker and american scientific community took retribution by
saying that smoking causes cancer and enacted legislation
to increase the cost of tobacco and cigarettes. She believed
they were trying to poison her and they may have used this
reason to put her in a mental hospital. Unknowingly the news
of her death may have indirectly triggered muslim extremism
in the middle east. Find your own logic here.
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"They" are (is) INTELLIGENCE

They (the Antichrist and angels and demons) know we don't see the lie of matter which has a difference of
feelings and this is because time does not feel pain and should-Jesus felt the pain. When you see movement,
you think you see that but that is a delusion because the movement does not separate from itself to make a
difference of time for detection. Since we cannot see the lie, we cannot prove their conspiracy. The lie may be
existing as the clear space you see with a difference of feelings between two points and truth may be a
cancellation of the clear which removes space as we interact, creating matter. The crucifixion was wrong
because God joined the soul with the flesh with the pain of Jesus. Jesus was not the son of God, Jesus was
his own God. Can you sense you're in the back of time trying to catch up to others Aliens? My quest is to see
the lie by differentiating the separation of motion so I can prove that I am right with material evidence,
Sourcing with the junk
Using waste of energy
Love with the Devil
FEAR (anxiety): Caused with your
sense of a memory of time imposed in
the current physical thought about in
environment when physical or your
body is moved (a stress transition)
instilling your memory of time in
physical instead of the current time.

I.E., It is 5 pm and the memory of time
in the observed physical is 2 pm or
let's say 9 pm. The observed physical
may be a car, a box, food or the phone.
We are all responsible for the beliefs of others so be careful how
you behave. The legal system is responsible for the beliefs of

The people are physical as a theory of mind to direct
development of matter. I.E., The thought of the sun causing the
sun to shine due to memory.

They are using the fit of sodomy to limit the fascination in a room
to disable the spirit. Due to the conscience, the physical is
changing with the thoughts in real time and is not noticeable
since time does not want to change its rate of time.

Intelligence does not respect my link between my mind and my
body but they use my link to be physical to operate. I.E, Buying
coffee or the newspaper