Anxiety: Fear of thought changing physical or physical changing thought. The stoppage of love, making god afraid.

To understand the sanity of my paranoia you have to use a heuristic approach with a cognition of anxiety bias with time in the immediate sense.

The Devil is not weighing "IT" (spirit) as he acts because they have grounded time. Weigh our memories to recognize us and alleviate anxiety and enable the return of Christ and Krishna.

Validation of paranoia:

1) Was there direct communication to you for your belief or was the communication oblique (at an angle) in another direction that created the stimulant on your mind?

2) If the communication was direct did you feel anger and a tendency to be violent against the subject. If the communication was oblique (at an angle) what was the indecision that you felt and how was it directed, to what?

3) Are you directing your suspicion to someone or those in your immediate environment who did not say anything to you? I know you are considering thought as relative also.

4) Are you being paranoid and is it logical or illogical, meaning that you can associate your thoughts with something in the environment right now-whether logical or illogical?

5) Can communication by saying something to validate your belief with the source of paranoia or non-paranoia so as that it makes sense to you and you can react in some peaceful way?

6) Did you achieve a balance of beliefs and is at peace without irrational compulsions to be verbal or physical?

7) The paradox is, will you conform to yourself or will you conform to others and how well is the medication keeping you under control to make decisions for yourself? Another consideration is do you trust your psychiatrist or the mental health system.

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