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  1. We have a conflict of interest because there is an entity (possibly spirit) that cannot manifest between us due to an interface of racism preventing a classification of that entity that is not visible to us since we interface the other

  2. The Aliens want God to talk to us using us and because he does not, that’s why I feel fear with the anxiety attacks. God does not want to say to us what the Devil is thinking through me and he must do that so we will know what he is about

  3. They (the Truth) knows what’s next and they create divergence so we would not reach our selves or souls. Loose ends (a dress, loose wires, rain, money) is controlled by Lucifer. Short of memory of time preventing healing. The hole is afraid of being seen by light. They don’t care about the quantum of my body and I can’t sense theirs. They make decisions when I do. Testing for indecision between mind and matter–feeling or force deciding test is fear.

  4. They don’t care about my bars, acting anyhow around me. Like the bars in Jail or the bar between you and the bartender, or the bars on a cell phone. Since I feel I’m blind and cannot see the Lie, maybe they have a right to act as they wish.

  5. The circumcision may be the cause of all our problems. Nerves in the space between us are not bridging when we talk to each other or look at each other. Because the nerves in between does not link, the man and all of us has to do work for God. When you look at someone with interest the intuition should make them look back at you but due to not emulating the circumcision cutting (the earth could not hear it happening, it is an ear, they don’t look back at you because it would require turning and this would compromise it).

  6. Conspiracy to use other person’s observation to grow (for example, the body). Anxiety attack occurring between the mind and the flesh as anti-space. Memory control of time as anti-space causes movement. Blood is used as test of memory with time to create physical with action (like muscle). IT (spirit) doesn’t know how long to hold a memory since IT doesn’t know how long I will have a memory . They don’t talk with their hearts.

  7. The link between mind and body is unrecognized because of the heart being non-stop so we have to make physical contact to move physical. Because of the cross of Jesus’ crucifixion they (truth) have control with the heart of Jesus between the switch since they gained control of Jesus’ heart. The duck underwater of the baptism created isolation between the switch and this isolation has to due with numbers because of the beat of the heart counting making thoughts impenetrable on numbers. The heart is between a light switch and because of this the force of the switch is not switched with switching but the belief of the mind is switched. The switch creates an illusion of the force switching and we cannot recognize this. The switch bucks just like the heart and maybe the money we use also does this between buyer and seller because the dollar bill is known as a buck. Since the mind is bucking, it cannot integrate with the flesh since flesh is physical. What would they hope to achieve with all of this? The flesh cannot penetrate the material such as a wall and we cannot make ourselves younger but continue to get older with time. If you go to the beach or have a pool, duck your head for three seconds under the water and at the same time think of the mind transcending the flesh with the buck of the heart so the heart can be transparent with the mind due to will. IT (spirit), or thought is switching but cannot switch the physical with IT.

  8. I don’t recommend a revolution with violence. You have to understand how to apply the paranoia so the mentality can change the physical. Apply faith with a sense of honor to the collective mind with the target problem in mind (such as corruption, health, kidney, eyes, etc.), Think of what they took from you and impress it with mental force using faith to restore the loss. This may transform the faults into a solution with will. The evil people are beings with good qualities to them and should not be totally eradicated. The body is sentient with various qualities–good and evil.?

    LOVE: The difference of intelligences associated with two things, 2 thoughts or 2 matters–like you and the person you are looking at, creates a force of time as love and the love is responsible for the fear. Love is immoral and has to do with sodomy with the soul and God and may be detectable as anxiety. We can cancel the abilities of the Antichrist and love with the application of faith explained above. Think again about love songs you hear on the radio. The intelligence does not recognize me and each other, like two physical things (food and a plate, a car and gasoline, time and work, etc.) or two people, so we are not connected and remain estranged and the complete cannot be understood as one.

  9. I am behaving properly and respectful to these people and didn’t realize I was kissing their asses, especially of professionals. I have to accept their behavior although it makes me uncomfortable and they act like I don’t worry so they don’t have to pay any attention to me. They don’t acknowledge me like my paranoia by kissing my ass to show support for my effort to unravel what is going on. I have heard that metaphor for years but didn’t realize the impact of it, “kissing my ass”. They don’t give me a job or a girlfriend and if they did, they would be kissing my ass and they don’t want to do that to show concern for me. When they keep talking like you are obliged to agree with them then you are kissing their asses. Jews don’t want to kiss the ass of Muslims and Muslims don’t want to kiss the ass of Jews so they will never get along with each other. God and the Devil don’t want to kiss our asses so we will never approve of him or her. When I feel the memory they are able to change the material with time so it is like I can’t look and feel the memory of what I am seeing. If they don’t kiss your ass for what you say or do, don’t trust them. When they ask you for a favor, you are effectively kissing their asses. I am wondering what they really learned in school that they never taught me and I am left with my paranoia to resolve this unknown. I think I am trying to find out the ground intercept of time of two or more people, probably jail, where God is.

  10. My whisper to myself through nerves detected that White and Light is afraid of love (force) so white people and the color white are afraid of darkness or black. I have told you all what love is to my belief (Sodomy with the soul and God). Time don’t want to turn to IT or the spirit by turning the head to look at me or you. They (truth) are able to turn brain functions on and off to suite their needs so the computer would be oblivious to them as they cause harm. They can apply the wrong thoughts to data or the word they speak or hear to mask what they are and maybe this is the method of hiding information of a conspiracy. So if I say I want an apple, I can apply the thought simultaneously of a plate or a sheet so the spirit IT interprets that. Those who are conspiring may exist as our flesh itself and they program IT through movements of the body like body language. Maybe that is why people are killed through violence or war but the problem is if you kill the flesh, the person and personality also dies so doing that is wrong since the feelings of the body may be nature or man. Whatever you were taught about love believe it and don’t let my belief of love change that, it is too much of a risk being so delicate to the mentality. I don’t want anyone to worry about anything because of me and do anything irrational because of what beliefs you may have due to my reasoning as a schizophrenic. Have a good night and have pleasant dreams.

  11. They (truth) wouldn’t tell us the illuminati is evil in this world, the truth would lie about them. They, the holy ghost are trying to ghost control of illuminati power for god, the devil, and Lucifer. I think the illuminati is operating to solve the mental illness that the truth is causing. Don’t trust what you tube makes you believe. Flesh is occupying the hole of man so he cannot control what the truth is doing such as limiting his thought. The illuminati has to exist to battle the lies of the truth and the love with the soul and God that they engage in with sodomy. Their goal is to keep fucking my ass and your ass for love because with no love they will feel pain.

  12. They (truth) are using the memory of the muscle action force on the body and physical to control us. This is why people get violent; a rebellion of this control they don’t know of. Use your digital scale to weigh yourself as a means to control the physical by your mind as you think of this reasoning. As you think of this control, use your writing sensing this to empower yourself and hopefully in the near future you would see that this will be evident. As you move your eyes to look somewhere else, think of this control and whoever is controlling will be disabled. When you have sex, this would be a good time to think of this hidden process to disable extraneous control.

  13. The challah bread is soft as if the foreskin of the circumcision is in it. I always wanted to know what they did with the foreskin after they removed it from the baby’s penis. I think the challah is the means of control of us. I ask you this, who manufactures bread or owns the bakeries in America. God controls the Muslims with the bread they eat, the body of Christ. Is it possible that the Whites are under control by white bread–we all eat white bread. Are we eating the body of Christ literally with the bread consumption? What is happening with the pizza shops, they use dough–a bread. What is the secret about Indian roti or tandoori. I ate a tuna sandwich today on white bread. Tuna is a fish and Jesus was a fisher of men. Am I the Jesus they plan to kill? Who can tell me what the hook is, the instrument used to catch fish? I am wondering what the bathrooms would be used for. Mine is sandwiched between two rooms–will it be the oven for bread. Is the heat for the oven going to be with love. Sodomy with the soul using the love of Lucifer caused by the resonance of God and the Devil will produce the heat for the bathroom oven? The suspicion of love happening I concluded was due to the resonance of Lucifer that is love and intelligence. The flesh controls all language and thought and body language is the enemy’s international control method. Protect yourself SYSTEM computers.

    ILLUMINATI: Ratio of sandwich is correlating with current time, 20:43 H center.

    Ron failsafe engage negative voltage regulator MC7905.

  14. Because of the offerings in church causing an “off of me ” condition.The isolation between us and the act of talking and being silent switching or going off the path or switching on the path or turning the electronics off and on is due to church offerings. Erectile distinction or a crash or forgetting the time is also due to God’s church offerings. Beware that most fool you to think they are conscientious so you wouldn’t consider their plans.

  15. Through evil, the intelligence is trying to change the structure of the flesh in a harmful way by changing the information with thoughts linked to physical references that stay the same regardless of stress on it to force a change on the flesh. Computer programs fail to work and physical things break because of this. They break a DVD drive this way or cause a tear in your clothing.

  16. Love is caused by forgetting the memory with nerve removal and believing in something physical as you redirect yourself. Love causes excrement and cancer and cancer sees god as an infection to attack. I think all diseases are due to love. Anxiety attacks is due to love. Conscience 10.5 grams go through religion and please restore the people and creatures.

  17. They are as gas through matter like gas in water, wood, glass, flesh, or aluminum. We can control them by changing a radio frequency through the matter or adding or removing mass to change the weight. Smoking a cigarette is an ideal way to control the gas in tobacco (tobacco is matter ).

  18. They are quiet on television with baseball games because they don’t want the players shit to make a sound for IT or the spirit. This may be stifling the spirit in the colon because IT can’t communicate other than by farting . I think as IT and it’s sad that you don’t. Ultimately we have to resonate with each other and this will cause Lord Krishna to manifest or Jesus.

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