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  1. Fear may be the stress of remembering memories on the nerves causing them to tighten.

  2. Time as an entity is using the memory of the force of the person’s body as he moves to control him? Disaster is happening on Earth because they want the MAN to make love to God, and he wouldn’t?

    What are your paranoid thoughts?

  3. Thought is silent and can control the force since this (the force) is silent. Time is silent and can be controlled with thought also. Simply writing on paper or a computer is silent and can thus control these entities with function of silence. You can thus command the force with the will and the thought together by writing. The word via speech can control the silent force with the action of the flesh of the mouth simce the action of the mouth speaking is silent also. The main objective is the control of TIME with the silent thought.

  4. When the hum of the nose resonate with the fart of the rectum using the soul, they love with god and the devil. Behaviors are planned and I am afraid of what’s next with an anxiety attack due to suspicion. Relative station of other bodies compared to mine causing control of people. With an anxiety attack, they see the physical as transparent and know the thoughts? They leveled my legs (It feels like I have no legs). They think sex with me is not warranted and that gives them the excuse to be what they want to be.

  5. I am sorry I deleted a lot of my comments, I was impatiently in haste not sure of how to use wordpress. I didn’t know I had so many subscribers until today. I believe you are using the RSS feed, right. Thank you. Please put some of your own comments. Now I know that I have to approve of them although I see no reason to reject any information.

  6. In America, they don’t cast their minds to others when communicating so as to restrict education and sexuality. In India I imagine the Brahmins would do this but the untouchables would cast their minds and that is good. I think I finally got at the American media–there is a broadcast of the news and entertainment but the DJs or VJs in the control rooms don’t broadcast their minds so we are always estranged to the media and don’t feel like we are aiding each other. This practice may have an indirect effect on the electronics technology, keeping it constrained . I broadcast my mind to others but they don’t and that is why they are always giving and taking and making friends–I would guess false friends to suit their needs. I guess this is what mind your business mean–don’t cast your mind to just anyone. I am a victim of this. They do this to restrict the spirit of the Earth.

  7. They don’t want to assist my muscle with their muscle simultaneously (such as using this android keyboard). When you have sex you assist your partner with muscles together. Hearts are not linking hearts with muscular force probably because they (truth) doesn’t want the brain, which is a muscle, to assist another person’s brain with thought and moving the body. They don’t want me holding the door for them or even sitting with them on the same bench, they would move away. The reason people avoid eye contact is because time does not want to look at IT or spirit for support. I don’t think they share the muscle when eating. Try eating either ends of a tuna sandwich together with someone you love at the same time–just one bite each at unison. When muscle support of a person support the muscle of another when talking, this should be a healing process for the physiological. Focusing in unison with others is great even if you don’t like him because aliens will use the result.

  8. They don’t want to buck IT with their bodies to avoid simulating sexuality because this would minimize their love pleasure. Memory loss is applied for causing random control of events, changing the physical undetected causing delusion and disorganized function through behavior. They don’t want to fit me in their minds to avoid giving me attention by initiating function with my thought by physical link. They want the rate of the mind to equal the rate of the body so IT or the spirit is controlled by the time and the truth. Truth of lie with sin (feeling the force of the lie) can change the material from one thing to another and this causes the memory of the physical forms to change form one thing to another. Lie is afraid to look at truth with and anxiety attack fearing change and cancellation of ITs feeling. The hole is behind me as a mirror reflection and IT can be seen by looking at the back with a mirror in front of you. Look at the mirror reflection that is behind you and change the truth as you state what you want because what is between you and the mirror is a lie which establishes feelings. Blanking hole with stress of physical via test with power of thought causing fear. Uncaring feeling of blue detected in my mind that causes hate may represent the Jews. Cancel the negative thought by cancelling two or more blue things you see mentally. Classification of feelings can’t be applied to feelings of life forms so we are controlled by numbers. They don’t want to kiss my ass or do what I want by cooperating with my feelings but I am always doing what they want by kissing their asses with mental submission (a metaphor).

  9. They (truth) exist as the future and create obstacles to make you move in confusion so the spirit does not encounter itself. Can you sense the immediate future as you look at your surroundings? When you get up and move you have to meet the future like when you go to the toilet or meet other people. It is organized crime because they arrange and time how they move the physical things in your environment to control how you move to get where you have to go. They probably don’t want a memory to rendezvous another memory of the same type to raise eyebrows. Attached is some of my audio memos I recorded on the mic of a Degen 1127. Ratio Blue Jeans:Blue Skies = Red Flag

    They, the truth, like to say “mind you business”, meaning don’t hear inside=don’t let the spirit or the soul of the earth think or hear inside the body because this will reveal what they are doing in secret. This is why their heads are not turned in your direction when you see them but when you communicate with the voice to them. They are the anti-tear or cry of Jesus and the rain I think is to compensate for the pain of the tears of Jesus. When we cry we may be combatting the anti-Christ control with emotion. Ratio Lucifer:Tear = Disable Anti-Christ

  10. We are functioning as an inverter like a mirror reflection to provide the data that the evil wishes to know using the inversion of the man’s plan through a link between our minds and the man. This is how information is developed that good and bad forces acquire from us unknown and it is my hope that the good objectives are achieved with this extraction of the negative . Through this process, people have acquired their education from school and life.

    Someone please clarify this theory

  11. Circumcision sets size of the misunderstanding of the ratio of two things like blade and foreskin or mind and flesh to make god determine the effect of the word or hole size of the mind so he can control us with our flesh as we talk to affect the thoughts, controlling our destiny in real time.

  12. They are lying in America about the biological structure of the body so the body will not be able to self-recover because the true memory of the body is changed with the data and the spirit or IT does not have a dependable reference to maintain integrity. The Russians cannot expose the truth because the facial expressions will change and effect the true biological structure of their bodies adversely. The physical references contain lies that have not been exposed so one cannot know what to explain or express to correct the false truth with association of intelligence to define meaning to alter emotions without error of the flesh. A symptom of misapplication of data can cause a heart attack leading to death. When their psychological conspiracy fails they use war. The intelligence departments must know the lies so they can circumvent harm.

  13. The difference of the flesh of the Jews and other races (Indian, Black, White, Hispanic, Chinese, etc.) causes intelligence to control the spirit with TIME using whites. They block the conscience from passing through the physical by obstruction the sight with the flesh of the body in between you and the material. They may be programming the flesh and material ratio this way by moving around. They may be trapping the conscience and material in the flesh to cause my anxiety attacks.

  14. They (truth) does not care for the wound (anus) of the man because there is normally no pain there and we move about carefree. It is a wound that never healed. Because of this aloofness we are considered fools to them. They are not concerned about how IT (spirit) feels since they make love with the hole and that love is in memory as an unknown since it is a loss of force. They don’t help IT to think when we have a communication exchange. This love is how they control us as the bias for force undetected since it is minimal.

  15. They (truth) are controlling our own responsibility so we will seem ignorant and oblivious. They are ignoring us by ignoring our everyday formulation to assess and operate normally with them. They restrict sex by acting respectful using an operand meaning for anxiety

  16. I’m trying to figure out how America is destroying countries. Are they using time and silence mixed with the word spoken as the program? Is this what they do with radio and television and cameras? This exchange can be done with verbal communication and computer programs. The operator may be the CLEAR but you can’t identify that.

  17. I believe people don’t want to use their second nature for the spirit like looking and looking again without thought. That may be the reason why my books are not selling. it’s not because you don’t know me it’s because you don’t want to give it a second thought. Your coming is second nature but you don’t remind me of my forgotten. Queue: Life reset-clear 0001 0010

  18. Think I understand why people fight. It is because when people argue the anus open up and let out the spirit. People don’t understand me when communicating because they don’t open up their Anus and let in my spirit. When people Fart the soul escapes or the spirit. God doesn’t want to open up his anus or the devil are Lucifer and that’s why people think they don’t have to open theirs with the mind. Because they refuse to do this there was no progress in the Bronx. And this is also why we have to work because they don’t enable the spirit to do what she wants.

  19. Yes, to stop war we must share memories with different countries. Education must be shared. Likes and dislikes must be shared. Technology must be shared. Immigration must be shared. Media must be shared. America has a war with Syria because these things must be shared regardless of religions. The soldiers are not being allowed to share memories with Syrian soldiers. This causes a disassociation of beliefs which create a hostile mental image of Syria. Governments must share classified information like Israel and Russia. Children must be joined in international communication for communion. When wrong memories are implanted in minds, a conflict of movements and organization occurs which leads to discord. Logistics to action are controlled by memories due to propaganda. If American intelligence knows this they are guilty of concealing this knowledge because this leads to deaths. Do you have this understanding Mr. Trump?

    1. I smoke Bugler rolling tobacco here in Haverstraw, NY, USA. I think nature needs the natural way.

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