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  1. We must be willing to be trained to share beliefs. The Jews were not willing to be trained and that’s why they killed Christ, if so. All on both sides can be forgiven–don’t you agree?

  2. They (truth, numbers, intelligence, etc.) are using intelligence and unthought to control the non-intelligent. If the brain could feel, maybe our knowledge of the unknown would be known. Shouldn’t we interface our nerves when we talk to each other? A space error of thought or memory and time exists causing estrangement.

  3. Can we change the physical world? The memory of thought and matter together in our minds merges thought and matter and we can command with our word or writings what we wish to change about reality. The spirit or IT is the memories in time that IT fears losing as we change our thoughts or actions. As we look at something else, IT looks back at ITs memories you just saw fearing it would be lost in time. Since time is moving IT has to look back very quickly. This must be very agonizing for IT.

    Try to sleep IT
    Try to sleep IT
    Try to sleep IT…Ron

  4. They use our trust to control us with our incomplete perception (what you don’t know I will write next, or the pending contact on the keyboard of this computer, or going to the store to buy milk). They are controlling our dimension of mind with the dimensions of the physical perspective of our eyes as we wonder when the contact with the material will be made with our bodies, so we yearn always feeling the need for our bearing. The word spoken by someone does not correlate with the identity of the thought as if the thought is from a different person and this causes stress on the spirit which is a lie of physical related to thought creating a space between feeling and physical form. This could mean that the person acting or communicating is being controlled by the subconscious by telepathy to create an error of the physical environment around them. This is so that the thoughts do not associate with the material at the same time so that emotional synchronization between two or more of us will not occur at the same place; cancelling intelligence and the manifestation of Jesus. The solution is to delete time with the exertion of force so the parallel of mirror image and image can be joined to create a short in effect creating energy of the infancy of life=the baby Krishna.

  5. College girls with intelligence couldn’t care less about me–I am hoping they are not all alike. They compete with my spirit or soul (IT) and they are jealous. People are ignorant because they don’t test themselves with their memories before they act such as the memory of the cross of Jesus. IT is afraid to make sexual contact and that may be how they love, in that fear undetected. Test yourself Trump before you build a wall or ban Muslims.

  6. Jews are the fantasy and control the fantasy of the spirit with the truth-contact of flesh turns lie into truth (sin). We have to recover the lie from the truth because lies contain the feelings. A hat turns the lie into truth. Denying me sex will deny them everything they need.

  7. They are using the force of ejaculation in the rectum to control spirit. The fart is contrary force solution. Applying this reasoning with fear to fart explains intimidation attempt.

  8. They (flesh) want to take away the self-indulgence of the person on the soul by stopping smoking. They control the soul with action logging with their muscles.

  9. Black forms created by God in the black causes paranoia because you do not know where it’s happening and that causes suspicion. God is controlling us with the shadow of our minds.

  10. Intelligence turned my FSI7905 (fail safe intelligence 7905) into garbage encrypted with keys. We are unaware of the backward emotion break (DJ scratching record for RAP). If we can reverse the emotion we can solve the infirmity of bodily harm. Anti-Clear transcends matter and we can heal with IT. The cover of heaven governs lives casting. Anti-trust makes drugs control my body and they (truth) control with it using the numberless association of mind and body as a delusion. Operating as tolerance percentage of perception of relativity to turn mind into material causing anxiety (passing close to someone or something).

  11. I figured out why blacks don’t look at you in the train or bus. They are avoiding the complementary because the complementary will cancel them out. So they don’t want the spirit to see itself if we were to look at each other. The non complementary you see around you is the jew due to the circumcision. The complementary means the completion of the whole with the opposite. Cancer is God’s complementary that will destroy God. He is not there to help man. However, I trust Jesus. Move something physical around you and compare that and something else to create a complementary. Try touching your mate or talking to her or maybe moving her pillow or the sheet. Give her a good nice kiss and tell her why you love her.

  12. The spirit has to see the emotion and not the weight of time that God fooled it to see. This will allow the spirit to change the physical condition with emotion to prevent harm to itself and others. IT is disabled when it sees the weight of time and this is what causes it anxiety.

  13. They (Truth) are testing with trust between mind and matter as people for the forgotten space of conscience to see what is there undiscovered in that space. They hope to kill or find lord Krishna

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