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  1. “I think the Illuminati are certain people that you know but are sworn to secrecy because if you can’t identify them they have power to control with unknown knowledge. They are the ones who are certain of their composure and opinions but offer no help to enlighten one. I think they are involved in encrypted communication with the languages we use everyday via thought transfer. They may be angels of the Antichrist and their goal is to deceive the world in the guise of reality. Their objective is to control behavior with the confused organization of thoughts and information to hide love. The love they have is really sodomy with the soul to have pleasure with god and they will keep this a secret because this is immoral and society will not accept this. They are causing cancer and corrupt governments to feed their desire for destruction of nature through unorganization of movements of people and vehicles. Simply because they are a secret society implies that they are unwilling to reason with normal people and you because we risk their exposure to the legal system. They have catapulted the success of most musicians and doctors and judges as well as other successful people in the know through unknown control. They are responsible for mental illness because they learn from the paranoia and make money with the psychotropics. They are using the belief anomaly of God to control reality by applying thought and feelings and force with science and mathematics to belief that will manifest as physical reality. Aliens are counteracting them but allow them to exist because they need the interface with them to learn about why the universe is the way it is and to obtain what they lost because of God. I think they with their god killed Christ and people like Martin Luther King and JFK and Mahatma Gandhi. They are using the power of unknown thoughts that we don’t have to control us so they must be telepathic or have machines that know our thoughts. We are in a matrix effecting each other automatically and hopefully the mechanics of this will lead us to a destiny we can appreciate by applying physical blocks in the environment to redirect us, like evolving with our evolution. They are causing most computer errors and allow things to fall and break like a glass because of effecting the body through ones own mind. We don’t see them because we will believe them and be able to control them with belief. Racism is a main tool they use because the beliefs can be controlled to alter the physical world. They can’t harm us unless we think a certain way about their memories because we control their decision with our thoughts.”

  2. Time becoming weightless with memory loss of thought and action causes fear? Rain, Fire, a penny dropping, forgetting the appoointment or the price paid. Cure: Remember the thought and action

  3. I think time is a living entity and because it is not committed to me by books are not selling and that’s why the internet is slow or the car doesn’t start when it was sitting a long time in the parking lot. Because time is not committed it is why I am getting old and will die. It is also why I don’t have a job or girlfriend to speak of or no one really listens to me.

  4. Difference of stress of memory due to different location can reverse damages of memory in question. For example–a picture of yourself and where you actually are or maybe the stress between the persons making a telephone call. Or memory of yourself and another person looking at me or you. Transductance.

  5. They are using the stress of memory of time redundantly to control physical. IE: lying in bed, using remote control, talking, etc. This was achieved with the crucifixion of Christ using the cross. The physical occurs before the thought to compromise it.

  6. Love is immoral-sodomy with the soul with God. Nod of head causes UP and Down of spirit between heaven and hell for love. Moving sideways cancels this (slide of a book across the floor, a cd in a cd player, the movement of a car).

  7. They (truth, number) are the intelligent being senseless and operate as the senseless and do not want to identify the senseless in others because they would be detected as the ones conspiring to harm us. Because they are senseless, the electronics technology does not show artificial intelligence They are not displaying sensuality to me. They don’t want me to control the form such as the form of their bodies with my energy. In this way they don’t have to react to my mind.

  8. They don’t let you recognize the hole their body space occupies so the home for their voices are unknown. What are you really trying to do Anonymous? Are you just like others trying to declassify matter so the man cannot understand life and thus himself because the memory addresses are not known because you switch them. Get real-don’t use deception with electronics technology.

  9. Anti-body of memory of God as my conscience and the Devil; I control the Anti-Matter of the physical with movement with my conscience detected as force of resistance. Anti-body of memory of flesh is God. Potential between Remembering and Forgetting is a disease classified as God. Zero will control God with my conscience.
    0*(God + Devil) -1 (Lucifer) = Solution. Period of text read is 43 seconds. Establish paranoia explanation for 43 seconds mental span to cancel psychosis.

  10. Jews worship their family and part of their family is God the father and their God is their possessions, like money. so the material we and they have controls and guides them. We can move something material with a certain thought to control their functions. We are building and structuring life for the Jews as we work. I feel like I am game.
    /Memory of thought on the act of function of the body as contact is numbers state in the mind which moves the body. The act of buying and selling using money controls us (our movements and organization) with the money since it has a number value state which may be detected as anxiety.

  11. The FBI is using intelligence to change the truth of the confessed word through coercion so God can change the evidence of the flesh with belief in favor of the police. This may be one way a lie is created.

    They are using my conscience to control my physical by interacting with their physical and man. Love existing as harmless truth and the silence of time is love or force. The love makes us work and causes us physical bodily harm like the lung cancer and diabetes. We have to verbalize the time to cancel the silence of love and the damage it does to us. So let’s all say 8 o’clock in the morning and at night when it’s 8 o’clock to cancel love and the power of God. When Christ was on the cross no matter his efforts he could not help himself and God did not care about his efforts because God does not make an effort. Now that technology will make God make an effort.

  12. They (truth) are avoiding a difference of feeling by talking that will prevent my identification of IT (spirit) during my anxiety attack by monitoring my thoughts so I would not make sense of what they are doing -how are they able to do this since I can’t see them?

    Silence of the flesh movement of their bodies is programming the man made material with contact to control IT-memory. They then use the manmade to control the flesh and the mind. They are blocking the memory or thoughts with a physical occupation of the thoughts or memory. I blame freemasons.

    I am testing with my state of memory by comparing the physical and the complimentary thought of memory for joining them if they are complimentary. The physical, AT, has to interface the memory or thought IT so there is mind with a body for operation as intelligence.

    We can use our computers and cellphones to think of our contact of flesh on the physical simultaneously controlling the physical of data linked to our minds to effect the conspiracy during operating of these devices.

  13. IT’s blind because IT sees the devil and has no logic for movements since IT deflects the devil’s reflection IT sees. Time respond to directions and not the test by feelings of flesh for directive. They don’t direct me where to look and they see my mind and I am always guessing what they are seeing as I communicate with them. God lives in jail and is high on drugs. Am I the energy of love? The locks are preventing the flesh recovery such as kidneys and eye sight. Time is controlling the memories since memories are like forgotten time. They don’t move their bodies like the flow of tears-operating like the cries. They don’t want IT to have memories independent of time and this causes physical failure such as a zipper of a bag not working. They are existing as solid space like material things and my thoughts cannot control them. I think they are changing specifications to reflect inferiority such as of a computer or radio with their words to affect the nerves of IT that causes physical change before I know it. Maybe they change the weight of the memory by making memory wait by saying what they intend to change. They seem to act with power as if they are submerged in water and are acting underwater because they sound like they are committing a ritual.

  14. The Jews are using the impedance (hindrance) of the blood to dance with time and this causes pain to IT (spirit) as they express the lunacy dancing achieved so the spirit will not be able to comprehend itself or them. There will be evidence of what is going on like my psychosis when pain is applied to thought because this will make the Lunacy real and will manifest as the physical and the word. A headache is evidence that pain of thought is required since it forces a warning of awareness and caution of thought in oneself

  15. I realize the machine and computers are not taking Auto control because I restrict my fart. The evidence is people don’t move out of my way when I approach them and the thought is they don’t want to correlate with my force. The breeze of the fart is their intelligence and mentality and you can feel it on your face, such as a shy feeling. It seems the one in one hundred women that I see that are attractive do not respect that fart command mode as if they hate my soul. The thoughtless form of thought and memory like what’s behind you is the test that can change the physical for the better. Under observation you can see this as people that are not looking at you. They may be the angels as your flesh.

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