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  1. We are unable to measure thoughts and that’s why we are in a quandary with the material world and there is psychosis. The purpose of the cross at Jesus’ crucifixion was to extract his ability to measure his thoughts to gain power over God?

  2. They make me believe them with the word and the flesh is oblivious to the lunacy. The data is in the flesh. I am lunacy that the flesh evades by turning and moving to make God elusive

  3. Our thoughts are being looked at and they are controlling us via the physical world–possibly the flesh and since the word has been made flesh–the ememy could be God acting with the flesh.

  4. Mental illness is caused by denying the soul sexuality. Women don’t want to talk to me so they don’t resonate with me because this is sexual stimulation to the soul. The antichrist is negating the feelings to cause fear.

  5. With schizophrenia, the spirit is afraid of the mind becoming physical with thought and that is the reason for the psychosis. We don’t see God because if we did his mind would become physical and lifeless if we believe him as we see him. People move around without thought of the heart that’s why they act like they don’t know what they are doing like not getting out of my way as I think of them.

  6. These voices are caused by memory of yourself by and of a hole in time where lucifer is where you once occupied as you move to prevent you from making an emotional association with reality because they can’t change physical circumstances that you can see. They (the hole in time) are changing the mental directions of thoughts to confuse the soul with the voices implanted. Psychosis is when the mind turns into the physical with the belief, cancelling the thoughts of the mind and the spirit is trying to avoid this. They (the holes in time) are using the counterintelligence with your loss of intelligence from your psychosis to infiltrate your mind. There is no room for error because the holes have to be accounted for that is why the voices seem sensible to maintain the human equation of balance between on and off or go and not go or yes and no in space.

  7. The problem may be the HOLE of the physical displacement creating a memory where the HOLE is. The HOLE acquired intelligence as a loss memory and feels betrayed and manifests as irrationality in people. The HOLE achieves control with the quanta of anything and anyone applied to itself to function as reality. The HOLE’s misunderstanding of itself is the reason for faults of behavior–people are not to blame for what bad they did. There is a dysfunction of the HOLE as if the anus is wrong to it’s belief due to being nothing.

  8. Fixed measurements of math and science caused schizophrenia. Unable to change the measurements causes the attack (dysphoria). Physical environment controls perspective of vision sizes seen as the eye moves with stress.

  9. I don’t think the Jew is the enemy of this world. It may be the image of their race as intelligence. This image controls words for control of the physical world. There is test of time with space using feelings to alter the physical

    When physical feelings control emotional feelings you have a case of mental illness. Emotional feelings must control physical feelings for mental health. Instead of pushing someone say something kind.

  10. Thought of stress of space and time is love. Memory of love as force is fear. Love of God is hating blacks and not you so blame God for this–he is not here to help us or help us understand what is happening between us to solve our differences. “U” and “I” plotting to harm man with the confusion of movements as seen as normal activity of life as a deception which does not have to be but is propagated as a proposition to foster the harm to man. The breath is not recognized with movements to link us since it is not seen or normally heard to further cause misunderstanding and alienation between us and we are common in many ways, regardless of race. The platonic application of love may be beneficial since it is not sin of the physical. They are preventing the dock of the mind and physical as one looks moving from place to place to avoid logical organization of identity like showing friendship with kindness. I think women don’t want me docking with them by avoiding eye contact with me when I look at them. The docking may be the merging of IT and AT or soul and body.

  11. Memory of the thought of my back that I sense is conscience. Unseen heart restricts mind and body to physical around him/her because time of heart and force of heart is unseen relative to known time and force seen. IE shoes on feet and ring on finger and blood in body are confined to location apart in time/space. Also money in purse and body in house are relative to confined heart in body. Cage for birds is another example and package of books or cigarettes.

  12. They are monitoring each other’s EYE(3rd?) whether they are with each other or away from each other and this is how they know how to communicate the right feelings. The EYE (3rd?) was created when they (God) raped man and created the anus. Humans are not meant to have an anus to excrete waste. This waste is due to love in the intestines of the soul between God and the Devil between heaven and hell. They have power because they know my EYE(3rd?) can’t see my anus and they can see theirs. When information is known to us, the Aliens can’t use it because they would be detected and put in harm’s way. So the question I pose is, who is guilty of negligence if this paranoid data is correct? At the count of three, 1; 2; 3; say “Synchronize Hearts”. One more time: 1; 2; 3; “Synchronize Hearts”. Great.

  13. Being alike without reaction to others causes time to take our nerves with silence of space. Let nerves take time with silence of space. There is silence in motion when you walk and talk or pass the money–utilize it

  14. The lie is two things separated by space and has different feelings. A mirror image of something cancels the two and creates the truth physically which causes fear. Put the Saudi Arabian Riyal in front of a mirror and rip it or put a lighter between it and the mirror and light the lighter to destroy the truth the SAR is creating. Use this process of correction for any currency. If you fear being harmed by your Government don’t do it. This explanation uses paranoia and I am a schizophrenic.

  15. The circumcision caused the physical to control the feelings and really the feelings should control the physical. This is because during the cutting process, the baby was thinking of the pain by the knife and couldn’t see what was happening. This causes man to work and makes it a man’s world which is wrong

  16. These narrators (from a youtube video) are illuminati at the divide of the mirror looking for forgiveness by talking to their other side at us so they can be trusted but they are not using grace which would cancel them and identify them. They are forced to make an effort at forgiveness because the system is losing trust. Drop something to control the divide with the imbalance of the drop. I see people often dropping their cell phones and a lot of them have cracked screens indicating the divide compromise. Consider that there is a divide between us as they walk by you. Are you losing illuminati or what ever you are really known as? Is Lucifer at the divide between God and the Devil? What is at the divide between your body and the Earth since there may be no mass due to neutralization of opposite forces? What about the money at the dividing point when you buy something at the store–is the illuminati the money at that time of your transaction? At the dividing point you would elude detection.

  17. Incidentally, one of the great benefits of keeping a diary is that it gets your paranoid thoughts out of your head and onto paper. For many people, that can be a huge relief, and a terrific way of putting some distance between themselves and their paranoia.

  18. The trick is not to focus on them, to develop what s known as a mindful attitude. Don t fight your thoughts and don t spend time thinking about them. Try to be detached. Watch the thought come to you, remind yourself that it doesn t matter, and let it go off into the distance. Concentrate on what you re doing, rather than what you re thinking.

  19. Racism is a game between blacks and whites to control the man with laws. I don’t play that game and I think most Indians don’t play that game knowingly. This may be the worst type of organized crime in America. They cannot provide the cure for cancer because it will control this racism game in an uncontrolled way due to the random nature of cancer and racism.

  20. We can’t create a hole for the one or a one for the hole because of the circumcision. This prevents us from occupying space by the material or providing the material for space. There is such a disorganization of the things we have in our environment that this switching cannot happen for man without organization of the space or physical that occupies space. An example is finding the space for your money in the wallet with the effort of thought to discriminate the movements to accomplish this. Digesting food is another example of creating space for the one or removing the one for space. With television, the visual data is expressing the exchange of 1 and 0. That is why the world is digital.

  21. 1 of the physical has to occupy the thought 0 and 0 of the thought has to occupy 1 of the word for a complementary balance of forces with kinetics. Create the word in America to complement the thought of the DPRK and provide the word in the DPRK so it can complement the thought in America to strike a balance of forces for peace. The circumcision prevents this operation for organization. So if I think of food in America, the DPRK would provide the word wheat for instance. If the DPRK thought is poor, provide the words $100 in America. If either of us think of fear, either of us can provide the word love. If America think of nuclear bomb, the DPRK can provide the word TRUST. This process can be done with the media of both nations instructing us. Circumcision necessitated this procedure.

  22. They are using the unintelligent or illogical relationships of the physical to control the trance to control word and flesh as they talk in real time to set the foundation of life’s functionality. I believe this is what the American propaganda does with communication and the media and the intellectual. They are not allowing the trance of Russia or North Korea or Guyana, etc. to control the state of things. The trance may be due to the sleeping Krishna. The unintelligent may manifest as not looking at the intelligence of others by not paying attention to others in your surroundings or speaking a foreign language – manifesting as being alien or exhibiting estrangement.

  23. Unexpected form manifesting as evil. Test of conscience and time creates negative thought of love in memory and causes anxiety fear. He doesn’t want to form his mind with syndrome of anxiety using numbers

  24. The blacks can’t point their eye or mind at me because the POINT identity don’t like them. Jews do circumcision to enable the equivalency of pointing. The hair of blacks and the split nosed white person indicates they can’t use their minds to point because the point is one unit. They play basketball and other games to trick the soul’s direction to throw the eyes from previous to current memory to defy IT (the spirit). Democracy and circumcision is designed to destroy IT because those enable multilateral circumvention function of intelligence. They should not have deceived and caused schizophrenia. What unknown comes around goes around!

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