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  1. China sexuality is being threatened that’s why they’re creating a military problem with India and other countries. It is not India that is causing China’s sexuality to be restricted. It may have to do with the Jewish circumcision that may be preventing foresight.

  2. We are under control by the LIE of the Caucasian because he firmly believes in his knowledge. This is because the Semite makes us believe in an invisible God and they get the power of invisible feeling of touch of contact associated with an invisible God that we believe in. The chemistry of the medications we take creates a truth that controls us physically by disabling the soul or spirit.

  3. The added chemicals in tobacco is meant to destroy the spirit and the menthol cigarettes are meant to mask the mind from the spirit as you smoke and this goes against the native Americans and my trust.

  4. God is gay and he wants to promote life this way. You can’t comment how you like on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube because they want trouble free and undisturbed homosexuality. They don’t care for morals but make you think they do. This is why Trump couldn’t speak his heart and soul. They want things kosher. If you can think like us, you’re guilty also|

  5. God wants us to pay for love and Jesus paid for love with his death to God. So what we have here is a cruel God that didn’t care for Jesus. Smoking is a sacrifice for Jesus so it is good that we can smoke.

  6. God scalped Lord Krishna and the man had to create a crown of gold and man made materials for the hindu gods and goddesses to help them function. The scalp is the cover they took represented by the yarmulke the Jews wear. Also the Jew in effect scalps the child with the circumcision so the whole of man does not control them since the circumcision creates an incomplete match.

  7. They are hidden as a delay of understanding, for example; Being silent when spoken to. They don’t exchange emotion when talking and that is why we have physical and mental problems. They refuse to dance to our thoughts to aid the spirit.

  8. The violence of the Taliban in Afghanistan is due to the missing foreskin searching for its home or penis due to circumcision. I believe all irrational behavior in life is due to the missing foreskin due to circumcision. The mask of coronavirus is the symbolism of the replacement of the foreskin of the penis.

  9. They are cutting the nerves with the eyes.

    Comparison of beliefs causes fear by god in the lunacy of the moon.

    When everything seems normal, they are having your spirit look the other way-a deception by truth.

  10. Memory is not traveling through time to change the physical form because the forgotten has mass which is blocking memory. The forgotten is god the Antichrist.
    Think of the forgotten being Jesus or Krishna to empower them.

    Also: They are swapping or switching the intelligence quanta resident in physical forms to change the source of control to deceive the objective in order to confuse the function of applied intelligence. This creates a delusion of operation of matter.

  11. The people have the ability to “radio,” each other with mental powers to separate mind from the body and this is normal for communication. They never told me about this capability. The government don’t like it when you radio them but they do this to us. I think this is more than hypothetical.

  12. Lucifer is controlling at the forgotten ends of movements, like when you tear the toilet paper or pay with the money. Flesh is looking, that’s why you know how to move. Flesh feels the physical movements and the mind feels the mental feelings. Silence of time causes fear.

  13. Intelligence is blocking the conscience from time. Intelligence uses time for the force with love. This may be why I have anxiety. Also we are irrational because the psychotropics prevent preconception of thoughts.

  14. The devil’s eye is directing the spirit to kill its body ‘AT’ by feeling one’s flesh onto the physical. This makes people act like you’re doing something good when it is not good. Holding a plate of food or opening the door for someone are examples. Nose job: talking to each other like IT can’t change.

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