Anxiety: Fear of thought changing physical or physical changing thought. The stoppage of love, making god afraid.

To understand the sanity of my paranoia you have to use a heuristic (contrary to immediate time impression) approach with a cognition of anxiety bias with time in the immediate sense.

The Devil is not weighing "IT" (spirit) as he acts because they have grounded time. Weigh our memories to recognize us and alleviate anxiety and enable the return of Christ and Krishna.

Validation of paranoia:

1) They don't want to change for me but they want me to change for them to understand.This is so the spirit doesn't change the material world my way. Intelligence is not going through matter because of magnetism, preventing the physical to transform to what we want.

1b) When they communicate, the memory of IT (the spirit) becomes confused so it cannot make association to the physical world with those memories and is lost since it cannot make decisions about them.

2a) There is a test of memory for love by acting physically or mentally with motion of thought (looking in a different direction). Love is an immoral pleasure by God, the Devil and, Lucifer.

3a) The paradox is, will you conform to yourself or will you conform to others and how well is the medication keeping you under control to make decisions for yourself? Another consideration is do you trust your psychiatrist or the mental health system.

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